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Optical Brightener (UV-tex)
Flourescent Pigments
Metal-Complex Solvent Dyes
PVC Plastic & Rubber Pigments
Pearlescent Pigment
Solvent Dyes
Metallic Pigment
Effect Pigments
PVC & Paint Industrial Chemicals

About Royal International

We Supply high-tech fine chemicals including PVC Chemicals, Paint Chemicals, Petro-chemicals, Titanium Dioxide, optical Brightener,Plastic Pigments, BASF Pigments, Pearlescent Pigmets, Solvent Dyes, Metal Complex Solvent Dyes, Bronze Powder, Lumilux effect Pigments & Flourescent Pigments.

We are a professional supplier for series of optical Brightener (UV-TEX) & PVC Chemicals. We have yearly experience to supply all industrial chemicals all over Pakistan.

We are in the strongest position ever to provide our customers with high quality products, professional service & competitive price. As a developing& prosperous company, we’d like to share our high quality products & our experience with everyone in the world.


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